Ape Shall Not Kill Ape (Jesse)

Ninety Six Tears through Ninety Six Fears
As quick as a flick of the wrist
Calico arms are smothering now
Hazy scenes are a cold vicious cloud
Our group is shaky, our future’s hazy
But it’s our fault if we mis-step
Speak out, stand up, we are now
This is next week’s history

I need a wall thicker than wicker
Ape Shall Not Kill Ape
Roll call’s done we’re still all here
Ape Shall Not Kill Ape
Solid state means we roll on through
Ape Shall Not Kill Ape
Trust Strength Loyalty- We are True
Ape Shall Not Kill Ape

Bad Ass Cobra (Hunter)

You used to tell me that trust is what I lack
But I found your fingerprints on the knife in my back
I’ve never seen you in this light before
And some things I can’t ignore

Enemies that look like friends Hold the means to an end
Broken hearts that never mend And the Cobra strikes again
Enemies that look like friends Hold the means to an end
Broken hearts that never mend And the Cobra strikes again

Cruising down San Pablo A black Chevy Nova
Slither up Alcatraz Bad Ass Cobra

You used to tell me That I’m much too callous
But all your tenderness is Laced with Malice

I’ve never seen you in this light before
But one thing’s for sure- You’re my enemy

Basket of Snakes (Hunter)

You open your heart
Like pandora’s locker
Burnt books – and notes
From this weeks stalker

Sunday morning
Dressed in camouflage
Imperfect crime
Exposing your flaws

You stare at the sun
In dark sunglasses
The long haul pass
Passes in between classes

You aim for the stars
Mouth loaded with gum
But the shot that smarts
Turned out to be dumb

You get what you deserve
In this can of worms
But you never can escape
From a basket of snakes

I saw you at lunch
Singing verses subversive
You’re less a threat
Than curse words in cursive

From basket to worse is
A cold hearted task
It’s 9 o’clock
And you have no class

I’m on to your lying
And cheating techniques
You forged my name
On an old pair of sneaks

And when jack the terror
Ripped your dress
You hid it from me
But did you hide it from them?

Ring! goes the bell
Skreeee! goes the chalk
Snap! goes the ruler
Click! goes the lock

Box of Lead (Jesse)

Change sticks to my arm as I sweat to create
Words slide over the page as quick as drunk can relate

I’m soldered to your heart
Metal to the chest
Inseparable never-ending
Psychic Bullet-proof vest

But my depth for you is such that only the echoes record the sound
As it hits I know it’s true lots of years of it definitely new

How long can it last
I’ll tell you on my deathbed
My radioactive heart
Encased in your box of lead

I’m soldered x 8
Radioactive x 4

Bully On (Hunter)

I’m getting bored creeping up and down the same old vine
I need to find a new place where love is a crime
Hearts and stars bullets and arrows
Broken and battered and bullied and buried
You lookin’ at me? I must look insane
You talkin’ to me like we’re on the same plane
Drinking and flying and driving me nuts
Arrr, push my buttons if you’ve got the guts!
Keep lifting, keep lifting me

Bully on bulldog, light my fire
Bully on bulldog, liftin’ me higher
Bully on bulldog, light my fire
Bully on bulldog, liftin’ me higher

Stranger than friends more friendly the stranger
Strangers in flight more deadly than danger
You ran ran ran and I want you to know
You could be bad bad bad but it sure doesn’t show
It won’t take much…to get hit
It won’t take much…to taste your own blood
Talk talk talk talk stop stop stop stop
Menacing menacing fill your lungs with kerosene

Blood Love Blood Love Blood Love Blood Love
Blood is the love I’ve been dreaming of

Down By The Beautiful Bay (Jesse)

Step after step the façade is the same
Year after year the same shades remain
New stucco here and new condo there
The hidden parts appear to be bare

Step by step with the shapes of the past
I feel every corner and whiff and a path
Down asphalt alleys and through gingerbread streets
Roam with invisible people who stay out of reach

The sharp slap of memory stops my not-so-wander
The address is empty though it’s pulsing with life
On such a wonderful day the calendar disappears

East Coast Funeral (Mike Sexxx)

My Mother’s silence
My Brother’s violence
Stranger in a casket we called family
Hell would be too kind of a resting place
My Mother’s silence
My Brother’s violence
Stranger in a casket we called family
I still can’t stand the sight of your fucking face

For you, for me, for us, that’s why I do the things I do
For you, for me, for us, don’t like my best? Fuck you!

In My Nightmare (Black Monday) (Hunter and Jesse)

In my nightmare I cut out your heart in that warm milky room that ends where it starts
White tile walls wide desks and green wooden floors and a bed reality’s on a collision course
Running floating sting stung like a bee silently sweating frantic low-key
We’re both cornered you’re glaring evil the next steps and room tilts downhill

Stare Stare Can’t believe you
As I raise the knife Kill Kill Kill

In my nightmare lies cheats threats vicious promises when it’s done still no excuses
You’ve changed from the light to the dark from the greenest pine to a lowdown shark
Your face shifts from snarling to serene yesteryear my doubts drown out what was loud and clear
But still I must get this done with before your malevolence becomes myth

Stare Stare Won’t believe you
As I raise the knife Cry Cry Cry

In my nightmare Your nightmare
Death of you Death of us
Murder’s done Murder’s crime
Black market Black Monday Black Monday

Leech (Jesse Luscious/Jesse Michaels)

Old school new school a fool’s a fool
Long wallet chains make me want to be cruel
Baggy pants are dumb not new
Go back to ritzy boarding school

Leech Leech Buy some bleach
Keep those scissors out of my reach

I’m just a notch on your lipstick case
Can’t help puking when I see your face
Shut up shut up you got nothing to say
Who have you bugged today?

Meat’s Meat and a Man’s Gotta Eat (Jesse, Zac- with props to George Gershwin, “Motel Hell” “Rollerball” “The Prisoner” “1984”)

Meat’s meat- And a man’s gotta eat
Cheat cheat- Sell your heartbeat
Brand new, improved, you choose, don’t snooze, you lose
Mickey Mouse hosts your Caribbean cruise

Staccato pictures flash epileptic style
Just say yes resistance is denial
“Comfort is Freedom is Slavery
Plush rug High speed dreamland lifestyle

Is this our lowest common destination
A rhapsody in woo?
Binary point of sale target nation
Product placement pops up on cue

A still tongue makes a happy life

Mount Agony (Jesse)

Sun dappled sweat slashes awake
Blood blotted out by the breeze
Another bolt upright blue light special
Snarling scenes fade linger disease

The starting gate’s filled with agony mounts
Each a catalog of a circle of hell
The gamut of grisly peaks await
It’s post time for fit fever padded cell

Shying and prancing they stare at each other
Then burst down the track at sanguinary speed
No way to run from the horses of hell
Destined to lose no matter who leads

On torture, on abuser, on cold-blooded killer
On molester, on rapist, on brute
On mayhem, on plague, on death gurgle spasm
Lacerate, impale, convulse

Mystery Spot (Jesse)

My baby and I are headed to the pass
Seventy miles an hour we’re hauling ass
Jackalopes outside flash ebony eyes
Roll down the window to hear the coyote cries

Says we’re real real gone on the roadsign
Hundreds of miles Unlimited time
Frisco Chicago New York why not?
Alaska to Juarez, there’s our mystery spot

Can’t get no stations we’re too far out
Headlights blind then they’re miles past
The silent rushing road under the wheel
The dark and the tailights and the silence heal

We got no destination our means is the end
Following our road there’s never a dead end
Wind in the face and traveling on the brain
Asphalt dreams keep us in the fast lane

Nervous (Hunter and Jesse)

Welcome to the cobra zone, you’re chilling with the Frisk. Here, now, and forever.

At the end of the day, work’s done, time to play in the cobra zone
we just wanna kick back, have fun, get a little badical, a little radical
But you know, I don’t think we’re quite alone.
I look out the window and what to my wondering
eyes does appear? It’s you. You’re freaky baby. You’re twice as freaky as Charlie’s Squeaky. Step back, Jack.

Don’t panic- But I just can’t seem to relax
Don’t panic- I’m about to have a heart attack
You make me nervous so I just can’t sleep at night
Nervous- under my pillow I keep a knife
Nervous- is that you on the telephone?
Nervous- I just want you to leave me alone

Chilling out on the sidewalk, adult cola in my hand. You’re there, I’m there, you’re like a black cat crossing my path. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but sometimes it is just black and white.

Sick of Psychos (Jesse)

I wanna see my baby but she always screens her calls
It’s been too many days since I talked to her at all
Last thing I heard she went to see her ex
Jealousy’s fingers creeping ’round my neck
I can feel her lips for hours as I daze through the day
Her touch a constant presence as I wait for her page
Of course it never comes another late night mope
Today’s depression, tomorrow’s hope

New day Old love
New crush Old pain
New drink Old news
Looking for security dyed and lewd

Sick of psychos stealing my heart maybe they’re just my fate
Sick of love crammed down my throat (bitterness turns to hate)

Small Town Myopia (Jesse)

Pink house boy scout purposely stuck
Too scared with fake scars to leave your little rut
A tiny town within a city is a life myopic
Missing out on existence kaleidoscopic

I’m not gonna endure your Small town myopia
Step up or sit down Got no time for you
Jump on board we’re gone Next stop utopia
Get down and jump up Got my life to pursue

Choosing to refuse all expansive chances
Choosing stagnation- solo Saint Vitus Dances
Jerking through mediocrity into obscurity
Never getting past self-fulfilling radical pity

Survey Says (Jesse)

How brave are you in real life
Can you serve those who’ve been screwed
Or do you cower behind the lies
Cold-hearted rhetoric conveniently blinds

Laugh and point while you can asshole
Next paycheck it might be you

Inhuman people celebrate the tough love crew
Capital hides behind the wall of blue
Pathetic is what I call you
Watching coma t.v. and drinking a brew

Survey Says You’re Wrong
Survey Says You’re Wrong
Survey Says You’re Wrong
Survey Says

What innovative way can you dehumanize the weak today
It’s sickening to watch the steel toe boots of the State
Kick them again and again while you
Cheer them on or change the channel

Take It Away (Hunter)

Once again… We step into the ring
It seems that we fight about everything
I don’t even give a shit
And most of the time I walk away
But certain times that you persist
I make a fist and I insist TODAY
You go the fuck away

You can’t take it away
It’ll be back some other day yeah
You can’t take it away
Take It Away from me

Why… don’t you grow up?
You talk so much shit I wish you’d shut the fuck up
You don’t seem to understand
And I don’t think you ever will
Someday you’ll pick up the phone
It’ll be dead and you’ll be alone STILL
I know you will

We Are The Frisk (Hunter and Jesse)

Poison pen pirates your turn to listen
We’ll never ever play in your stinkin’ town
We’re just five minutes away from your house
Satin over scratches here’s the splash down

We romp and roam through the cobra zone- We are all the Frisk
Never known to let well enough alone- We are all the Frisk
We are a raging cyclone- We are the Frisk- with a steel backbone
We disown the life monotone

Fast lean running front line bass
Mach five thunder hypersonic freight
Headlong hell-bound always on the high ground
Ease slide in safe never hyperventilate
We’re just five minutes away from your street
Precision beat brings the burning white heat

Who are The Frisk? We are the Frisk!

We Will (Jesse and Zac)

Will you save you when you’re under the gun
Who me yes you couldn’t be then who
Can you survive until the end of day one
Who me yes you couldn’t be then who
Can you think on your feet when you’re out on the street
Who me yes you couldn’t be then who
Will you hear the goose steps as they march to the beat
Who me yes you couldn’t be then who

We will We will
We’ll work together in the fight
We will We will
In the street beneath the neon light
We will We will
Not fly-by-night we are airtight

Who’s gonna stand up for who we are
Who me yes you couldn’t be then who
Through the built up blood and the spitfire scars
Who me yes you couldn’t be then who
Forget our difference it’s time straight up
Who me yes you couldn’t be then who
So come on down and join right up

Trade in your wine for a loaded gun