Support your friendly neighborhood ex-band members

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For the first time EVER, you can now download The Frisk, The Criminals, and the Shit Split with Blatz & Filth & support your friendly neighborhood ex-band members. Check out iTunes, eMusic, Download Punk, Rhapsody, & a buncha other digital stores.
The east bay punk classic, the Blatz & Filth Shit Split, was reissued by Alternative Tentacles in January 2009. The debut 7-inches by both bands- Blatz “Cheaper Than The Beer” & Filth “Live The Chaos”- have been reissued on beautiful vinyl by Springman Records in March 2009 (Filth) & June 2009 (Blatz).

Dance For Destruction

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Thanks to everyone for enduring Jesse’s one (and probably only) spoken word appearance in Grass Valley! It was a hoot! Thanks to Dance For Destruction for setting it all up.

The Frisk on MySpace

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There’s now an official myspace Frisk page and an unoffcial myspace Frisk page! Thanks to Dobbo from the latter for pushing me to update this page & create the new myspace Frisk page. I’ve also updated many of the shows and the history on this website today. Quick note- as many of you know, Hudson Criminal, who played the final Frisk show @ Burnt Ramen, features Zac, Hardcore Dan, & Luke from The Frisk and Robin from Scattered Fall.

We are all the Frisk

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You can find out more about what we’re doing now in music, art, and politics here. You can find Frisk music & bits here. We are all the Frisk!

Final Frisk Shows

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The final two shows were incredible, thank you all for coming out and making our last shows unforgettable! The original “Rank Restraint” lineup, Jesse Luscious, Zac Hunter, Mike Sexxx, and Hunter, played these final 2 all ages, wheelchair accessible shows.

Friday November 25 @ 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA, 8pm door. Propaghandi, Greg McPherson, The Frisk, and All You Can Eat.
Friday December 2 @ Burnt Ramen in Richmond, CA, 8pm door. The Briefs, The Frisk, Hudson Criminal, and Thought Riot.


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Whew, it’s been a while. There’s a released Frisk track on the latest double cd Amoeba Music compilation (#5!) available from the always ass-kicking Hip Hop Slam Recordsfor $6!

Coming up on our friends GC Records is a compilation with an… uh… acoustic version of “Leech”?!? The song’s from a KALX Live set, and the compilation is to benefit We’re pretty sure that all of the tracks are exclusive/unreleased, so don’t hesitate when it comes out in mid-2005!

Finally, we’re still figuring out when our next shows will be, this site will be updated at that point. In the meantime, we’ll continue updating this with new info as it comes up. Rock on!

Bottom Of The Hill show

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A little short notice, but we’ve got one more 2004 show, and it’s coming up quickly! The Frisk will be rocking Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on this fast-approaching Thursday, November 4. Also taking the stage that night will be Lost Sounds and Battleship. The show is all ages, $8, and doors are at 8:30p. See you there!

Playing with Seven Seconds!

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We’re playing a hot San Francisco show this Friday August 20th at the Bottom of the Hill! Headlining is the legendary Skeeno punx Seven Seconds! Playing first is Sacramento faves The Whiskey Rebels. Doors at 8:30, the Whiskey Rebels are on at 9:30, so don’t come late. All ages, $10 tickets available through the Bottom of the Hill. We’re gonna stay young until we die, because if we can rock together why can’t we walk together?

Townley for City Council

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While writing for the new Frisk record is slow, Hunter is busy with the upcoming AFI record, Zac is busy with Shadowboxer, and Jesse is busy with running for office. There’s a darn good chance The Frisk will play at least one fundraiser for Jesse’s campaign. Shadowboxer is already planning on playing one of these shows because, well, they rock! Their new website is up in the links page, as is the official AFI page. We’re posting the Townley For Council fundraiser shows as they are confirmed on the “Calendar” page of:Jesse For Council

This rad banner was made by DIY Politics, an endorser of Jesse’s campaign (along with Punk Voter, Plea For Peace, and Bands Against Bush)

Rock Against Bush

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What? An unreleased Frisk tune on the new Rock Against Bush Volume 1 compilation? You bet! The song “Basket of Snakes” was recorded during the “Audio Ransom Note” sessions and we decided to save it for a special occasion. We’re proud to be a part of the first “Rock Against Bush” compilation, check out it out here. Rock Against Bush