More shows, more surprises

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Hardcore Dan was asked to leave the band for personal reasons. His final show with The Frisk was Friday March 26th in Oakland. We’ve started our new record, so stay tuned for more shows and more surprises!

Past Shows

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These past shows were a blast, and we really enjoyed playing with our old friends in the Subhumans, Naked Aggression, and The Enemies (who played their last show on this trip). We also had a blast with our new pals From Ashes Rise! The Observers also played one of the shows, and they rocked hard!

The Subhumans

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We’re playing 6 shows with the Subhumans next month on the West Coast as well as some more local shows- see the “Shows” page for details! An unreleased Frisk song “Basket Of Snakes” will be on the upcoming Punk Voter compilation on Fat later this year! We’re proud to be one of the many bands supporting this organization focused on highlighting the political shenanigans of the Dubya/Cheney Administration, and urge y’all to check out their site!

Last Frisk show of the year

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The last Frisk show of the year is this Saturday December 27th in Sonoma at The Shop- all ages, 6:30, $5! Plus, we’re rockin’ Fresno in February! Details on the “Shows” page!

On a serious note

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Three more shows, we had a blast with the 300+ of y’all who showed up at Gilman Street tonight! The final 3 shows this weekend and next weekend are updated- so come on down and join right up!

Thanks to all of you non-California folks who’ve come out to our shows over the past month, it’s been great meeting new folks and seeing old faces!

One serious note: we noticed many dates claimed that our live show featured members of AFI. Hunter is a part of us, but he is extremely busy with AFI. We have been rockin’ across the nation with Luke from ENVAIN on skins. Any billing of The Frisk as featuring a member (or multiple members) of AFI is not the responsibility of The Frisk. We have never suggested that Hunter is touring with us, since it is not the truth. Hope this helps clarify any questions out there, thanks! -Jesse Luscious